pr newswire cosmo bubble tea made with yoplaitYummm…yogurt…but only in the right flavors and nothing funky or artificial like.  There’s nothing healthy about pineapple upside down cake so why should there be a pineapple upside down cake yogurt?  It just doesn’t mesh or even taste right (don’t get me started on Greek yogurts…blah!).  But now if the flavors aren’t weird and the taste is just right then…bring it on! With that said Yoplait announces two new “spring” inspired flavors: Yoplait Light Pina Colada and Yoplait Original Cosmopolitan.  Now I’ve had Pina Colada yogurt before and it’s at best…eh, so I don’t know what to expect from this.  Pina Coladas are meant to be smooth and creamy and indulgent…not light.  As for Cosmopolitans?  I guess I must be one of the rare women out there who isn’t a fan of Cosmos. Hope these taste better than they sound!  By the way, Yoplait does have some recipes to use these yogurts in just in case you just can’t eat them straight.  Check thers