Ask any parent, and most will tell you one of the biggest challenges is turning their picky eaters into healthy eaters. That’s the mission of Sprout Foods, which offers chef-inspired, wholesome and certified organic foods for children – and it’s the aim of the company’s newly designed, interactive Web site.

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Sprout has revamped its consumer-focused site,, to make it even more useful and informative, and is packing it full of content, social networking links, and detailed information. The site is designed to help parents guide their child’s whole development, offering everything from healthy eating advice to family travel tips.

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The site now offers more detailed information about allergens and nutrition, including important vitamins and nutrients for growing bodies, as well as the benefits of choosing organic products. It features details about the entire Sprout Foods lineup, which not only taste great but are wholesome too. Each meal and snack is made with real vegetables, fruits and grains, is certified USDA organic, and delivers nutrition from whole foods, not artificial fortification.

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Among the new web site’s highlights:

  • Parent Place provides parents and caregivers with a steady stream of relevant blog posts about the growth and development of babies, toddlers and school-aged kids, as well as advice and ideas for playtime, travel time and rest time
  • Social Buzz encourages parents and caregivers to interact with the company as well as other parents across social media platforms, and serves up inspirational messages for parents and special offers from Sprout and their partners.
  • Our Food provides consumers with a categorization of Sprout’s organic ingredients and the recipes containing those ingredients. All the details parents need to know about Sprout’s products are there, and for children with allergies or food sensitivities, parents can easily determine any recipes that may pose a problem.

For more information, and to see the complete Sprout Food product line, please visit:

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