iwaku is a newly designed wake-up light that adjusts to your sleep rhythm. The lamp is driven by an intelligent app on your smartphone that monitors your sleep cycle and responds to this cycle intuitively, allowing you to start your day with more energy.

With its intuitive touch interface and conceptual Dutch design, iwaku is a real eye-catcher in the bedroom. Due to its intelligent functionality, the lamp can also be used for many other purposes. The light is wirelessly controlled by an application on your smartphone and your sleep cycle is monitored via the app. This way, the best moment to wake up is coordinated with a lighter sleep phase. The lamp gradually intensifies the light before the alarm clock goes off, getting your physiological systems up to speed before you wake up.




But iwaku offers more than an intelligent wake-up function: as a medically certified light therapy lamp, iwaku is also capable of actually improving your sleep/wake rhythm. The light intensity and the specific light spectrum make the lamp suitable for light therapy, supported by the smartphone app. Used during the day, iwaku can boost your energy level, helping you shake off the winter blues.

The wake-up light as natural alarm clock comes as basic functionality with iwaku, but the open platform means that developers can enrich its functionality. Imagine connecting with other sleep monitors that also use the smartphone as an intelligent hub, or implementing environment-aware functions that use the season and the weather to influence the app’s behaviour.

Currently in production the iwaku will be available this fall in Europe and shortly thereafter in the US.

Visit http://www.iwaku.com/ for more information,