I’ll be the first to admit that I totally neglect my Twitter account way more than I need to.  Today for some reason I’m up way too early and decided to check out my Twitter feed and ran across this tweet about a letter exchange and I love the idea.  I personally feel that the art of writing is slowing dying due to the increased amount of technology we now have.  Schools have even decided to stop teaching how to write cursive and abbreviated language like LOL and OMG have become the norm.  I admit I use them when texting but in real time conversation?  That’s just lazy…

Anyway, I’m going to write to her for several reasons….one is egotistical…I love my handwriting. I have a very elegant script and I love the way it flows and looks on paper and after years of being taught cursive in school I might as well put it to good use right?  Secondly, it’ll be fun.  People don’t have pen pals anymore. It used to exciting to meet someone from a different part of the US or the country now you can do that almost instantly. Thirdly, the anticipation of waiting for something in the mail that isn’t a bill.  It’ll be like Christmas morning!

What do you think?  Would you participate in a letter exchange with someone you never met?  Do you miss the dying art of the printed word?