Sometimes it gets hard to save money up for the things we want. The bank’s too far away, you forgot and spent it on something else etc….the list of excuses goes on and on. I personally am SUPER GUILTY of this! Just ask hubby about our spending budget when we went to Florida this past summer! Oops! Should’ve saved better…

Luckily there’s a great new app that will allow anyone to set goals and save up to achieve them. You can set a custom goal of whatever amount or use one of the preset goals Unsplurge has already set up like Save ($100), Earn Shopping Spree ($100…but I would definitely need more than that!) or Donate to Charity ($50).

Once you set your goal, you can share it with the Unsplurge community and pick 3 random people or friends in the Unsplurge community to help you and encourage you to stay on the right track! How great is that!?

If you download the Unsplurge app (available on iPhone) before Saturday 09/22 you have the chance to win a $40 Amazon Gift Certificate and a beautiful Custom Money Jar with the Unsplurge logo. 3 randomly selected contestants and super lucky at that will get a chance to win this!

Want to learn more? Check out Unsplurge at or download it for free from the iTunes store.

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