I want to say so much more but I think that the Lupus warriors have said more than enough for me so here are my two cents:


‘ All I can say is that I didn’t ask for Lupus. I’ve worked my butt off since I was 15 years old. I busted my butt working 10-12 hours sometimes more a day with my regular full time job and my home business. Then the diagnosis came. I was diagnosed with Lupus and enough kidney damage to make the doctors tell me that I was lucky they caught it in time bc if not there would be nothing they could do about it. Lupus turned my world upside down.I almost lost both my legs to Lupus. Kudos to your daughter in law for only being tired.Many many Lupus warriors would love to only be tired, me included. But until you have walked a mile in my shoes and have lied in a bed for 8 months in a diaper, unable to walk or care for yourself in constant pain and have seen the look of despair in your childrens’ and husband’s eyes because they fear they’re going to lose you and can’t do nothing about it then and only then can you nonchalantly talk about Lupus and be so flippant about the devastation it wracks on someone’s body.’

I want to be angry and yell at her and curse her out but to what avail? Ignorance is not bliss and it runs to the bones. You can’t make an ignorant person understand. All I can do is be proud of who I am and continue my fight against Lupus and paru for the best and love my wonderfully accepting family that no matter what stands by my side.