My daughter does this right around her birthday and the holidays…she cuts up magazines and ad flyers and pastes them to sheets of paper (colored or otherwise) and makes me a ‘book’ with all the things she wants. My other kids used to do this and I remember doing this as a kid too.

Now there’s a whole new way to do this! Flipboard introduces a new content category for shopping in its popular personal magazine for tablets and smartphones worldwide. It features beautiful magazines filled with products to discover, collect and buy; all curated by popular brands, celebrities and Flipboard’s editorial team.

Launched yesterday, Nov.11 people can now easily add products from the Flipboard shopping category or any commerce website to create their own catalogs, wish lists, lookbooks and gift guides to share with friends and family this holiday season.

How cool is that? No more paper, no more glue, no more ‘Oops! I missed placed the list’ when you go shopping!

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