SnoozeShade® is an award-winning sleep solution that provides babies and young children with a dark, restful environment when away from home or during brightly lit summer months. SnoozeShade® sun and sleep shades for strollers and car seats allow baby to get the rest they need while blocking out harmful sun rays, inclement weather, and pests. SnoozeShade® has taken off in the U.S. after becoming a huge success in the U.K. (especially with celebrity moms!).  SnoozeShade® blocks out up to 98% of light and also shields baby from weather such as rain, wind and sun.  It also has sunburn-preventing UPF40+ blocking nearly 98% of harmful UV rays.

SnoozeShade® is lightweight, easy-to-use and has no complicated attachments and fits most popular brands.  It’s ideal for vacations, when out and about, or when sharing rooms away from home.  Moms and Dads can take their little ones everywhere and know they will be able to sleep under the SnoozeShade®, which keeps them happy, healthy, and well-rested.  The front panels open fully for easy access to your little one.

Easily unzip to sneak-a-peek or let your baby check out the sights.  The zip lets you check on your sleeping baby.  When not in use, it neatly folds to a size that fits into a purse or diaper bag—storage bag included.