SAN FRANCISCO, April 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — popchips inc., the innovative popped snack company, announces “more to love”, giving snackers bolder flavors, a crispier crunch and 15% more chips for the same price. new “more to love” popchips are popping up at retailers nationwide, available in 3.5 oz. potato and 4 oz. tortilla share bags.

popchips is bringing snackers better flavors, with only half the fat of fried chips, and now even more to love about snacking. featuring bolder seasonings and crispier crunch, new tortilla popchips are an even tastier way to satisfy snack cravings. made with real masa, the better than ever tortilla popchips flavors come in zesty nacho cheese, ranch and chili limon.

the flavor experts at popchips also added some magic to cheddar, changing it to tangy cheddar & sour cream. one of the most popular flavors, sour cream & onion got an even tastier punch. to highlight one of its finest ingredients, the original bag can be found on shelves as sea salt potato, so snackers know exactly what they are getting when they reach for popchips.

share your popchips love story for a chance to win a pop-worthy date from popchips. the popchips love stories sweepstakes will include six weekly drawings with winners receiving a date night prize pack. everyone who shares their popchips love story will receive a coupon from popchips. with more to love, popchips wanted to share the love with everyone.

“at popchips our job is never done,” said popchips ceo, paul davis. “as our company grows and the snacking world evolves, we continue to make it our mission to bring great tasting innovation to the snack aisle. we’re excited to give our snackers more to love about popchips with bigger bags and bolder flavors.”

never fried. never baked. popchips start with the finest ingredients, add a little heat and pressure, and pop! it’s a chip. then we season it to perfection for fourteen delicious flavors of popped potato, tortilla, and veggie popchips that have nothing artificial, no trans-fat, are gluten-free, kosher and have half the fat of fried chips. what’s not to love?

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