Nature can appear in the most unexpected places,and Stoneleigh Wines is bringing a ‘Wonder of Nature’ to inner city Auckland through an event with a suspended garden, a soundscape inspired by the sounds of the vineyards.  Stoneleigh prides itself of utilizing sustainable organic materials for all their natural landscapes/settings.  They’ve partnered with New Zealand recording artists, Mt Eden, whose song ‘Drive‘ evokes the flavors of Stoneleigh wine in sound. 

The pop up hanging garden was create by Jules Moore, landscape designer and horticulturist and the soundscape was created by Paul McLaney, a New Zealand based composer, singer and guitarist. Coupled with Stoneleigh wines, it’s the perfect setting to gather with your friends and forget the craziness of the real world. 

The garden bar located on Queens Wharf, took two days to create and offers visitors the opportunity to get a natural time out that they wouldn’t otherwise get in a urban environment.

To experience the unique multi-sensory experience just click here to view and experience the Stoneleigh Urban Oasis for yourself. To learn more about Steoneleigh Wines visit their site at