Everything about your wedding is totally unique and all about you so why shouldn’t your fragrance that day be too? With a new and unique fragrance not only will you stand out and make a statement but every time hubby smells it he’ll always think of you and and only you. That’s all that matters right?! 

If you love florals especially rose scents then try out Kai Rose which comes in a roll on so you can keep it on hand for special touch ups.

Kai Rose

More of a musk type of gal? Well try Nova. Not only will you have not only one or two musk scents to choose from but FOUR! Choose from White Musk, Green Musk, Beige Musk or Mineral Musk. 

Clean fresh scents for your thing? Look no further than Bonpoint L’eau Fraiche. Created to mark the company’s 30th anniversary this fragrance has a refreshing yet subtle scent. 

Are you a gourmand lover? As one of my personal favorite scents Alaïa Eau de Parfum Blanche with hints of almond and vanilla is a must try.  

Fruit scents doesn’t mean smelling like a fruit roll up. Think more citrusy like what you get with the Arquiste L’Ertog, a citrusy aroma reminiscent of Italy in the summer. 

Last but not least are the spicy fragrant lovers. Stand out amongst the crowd with Caron Parfum Sacré, a deep yet feminine fragrance with notes of pepper and cinnamon.

What did you wear or planning on wearing on your big day? Let us know what your favorites are!