Wedding welcome bags are all the rage right now by making sure that your gifts are well taken care of and pampered to feel just as special as you on your big day. But what should you include in their gift bags? Depending on the type of wedding your having you can include such things as sunglasses and sunscreen for a beach wedding to local fare (jams, wine etc) for a rustic wedding and fans and wet wipes for outdoor weddings. Is your wedding a weekend long party? You may want to include hangover remedies in your welcome bag! Just use your imagination to incorporate the things you love about your wedding and surely your guests will love them too. 

What do you put them in is probably your next question. Once again think convenience…would a canvas tote be best or a wicker basket? Little trays or boxes? It all depends when you’re planning on gifting your bag. 

Here are a few ideas and items you might want to include when creating your wedding welcome bags but don’t be afraid of stepping out of the box and including the things that truly represent you because no matter what this is your big day! 

What’s your thought on welcome bags? Any interesting ideas you’d put in yours?