For the first time, Kate Moss will design her own jewelry line by teaming up with Brazilian designer Ara Vartanian. The limited-edition collection will launch on May 17th and will feature jewelry that channels a bohemian and free-spirited style much like Kate Moss’ own style. The limited edition collection will also be modeled by Kate Moss herself which features lots of garnet (Kate’s birthstone) as well as 18-karat gold, diamond and Brazilian gemstone rings, pendants, earrings and buckles. The gems are set into Vartanian’s designs of diamond moons and stars, combined with Moss’s sense of stylish freedom and asymmetry, two glistening on one ear, worn with a simple garnet stone on the other. Medieval symbols, such as sickle moons, shields and mounted swords as motifs are also explored in the collection. 

The Kate Moss x Ara Vartanian is priced from £700 ($905) and will be available from May 17th at 

Here are some pieces from the collection.