Because size does matter Ogon Designs has created the slimmest wallet available; the 3C. The carbon card clip is the most ergonomic and minimalist wallet made that is not only ultra light but its also made with scratch proof aeronautic carbon fiber (to prevent your cards from bending) and micro fiber velvet to keep your cards from scratching. The 3C features RFID (Radio-frequency identification) protection, a Tracker and Separation alert option (TrackR bravo tracker that uses Bluetooth technology), quick card access to up to 7 cards, receipts and cash and has a slim compact design. No bulging wallets that can cause hip problems over time!

With its efficient and extremely practicality in its handling, the 3C features a window that allows you with a simple push to quickly slide out your cards. When deployed, they cascade out so you can easily sort through your cards at a glance. It’s also completely scratch proof so it’ll last a lifetime. Also with the 3C you get the Tracker and Separation alert that allows you to find your misplaced wallet, phone and alerts you if you’ve left it behind.

Designed in partnership with Eric Berthes, a talented French designer who has already worked for some of the most renowned brands such as Bollinger, Sonia Rykiel, Corum and Ruinart, the 3C is a wallet that combines refinement, functionality and contemporary style. A perfect accessory for today’s everyman!

The new innovative wallet is currently available as a campaign on Kickstarter with a price tag of $88 or 79 euro. Various pledges are available as well. Make sure you also check out their video on YouTube by clicking here.