It’s graduation season and the beginning of wedding season so why not take the two and combine them? Incorporate your Alma Mater into your wedding doesn’t have to be an obvious one (re: using your school colors as your wedding colors) but you can make subtle hints with some of these really cool ideas!


Ok so not necessarily a subtle way to incorporate your Alma Mater into your wedding but if the both of you graduated from the same school why not have a visit from your school’s mascot? It’s what bought you two together in the first place!


How about a custom garter with your college symbol and lettering? (Etsy)


University of Oklahoma groom’s cake


Groom’s cuff links


Alma mater socks


Bride & Groom Alma mater cake topper

What do you think? Would you incorporate your Alma mater into your wedding especially if that’s where you met? Leave a comment and chime in!